History of the Moulton's Band


   Moultonís Band is the oldest Continuous Community Band in New Hampshire.  Community Bands often started out from former military bands, and there were many cornet bands after the Civil War.  There is no definite date for the start of the Sanbornton Cornet Band, but in 1888, the director quit and the band was down to a small number.

     In 1889 Charles Moulton became the director of the band and opened it to all instruments, and the band took his name.  It gave the men the opportunity to get away from farm work.  As early as the 20ís sons would go with their fathers and many would become band members, but after World War II students joined the band more.  In 1954, the band allowed women to join.  Since then the band has been open to musicians of all ages.  The adults give the band a mature talent while the students add energy and new talent.

     The band originally practiced in the blacksmith shop.  As the band grew it needed a new practice location and eventually began to practice at the town library, where it still practices today, every Monday from May through August.  Anyone interested in joining is welcome to attend any Monday practice upstairs at the Sanbornton Library.    

     The band is well known in the area, and over the years they have performed in many towns in the Lakes Region.  The group is a concert band, not a marching band so the Band Officers had a wagon specifically built for parades.  Currently the band does four to five parades and six concerts during the summer. 

     Most parades are done for Old Home Days.  The concerts are held on Wednesday evenings two each at the Sanbornton Town Hall, where a band-stand has stood for Moultonís Band since 1900.  The Bandís other band-stands are at the First and Second Baptist Churches in Sanbornton.

     The Band is currently looking for a Director and new adult members, as well as students.  Plans for this year are to add a 4th of July parade and to do exchange concerts with the Epsom Community Band.  They play a range of music for all ages and tastes from Marches to Jazz to Disney Favorites.  Members get points for each rehearsal and job that they attend.  At the end of the year, after expenses, receipts are split accordingly.

     If you are interested in playing over the summer, or just having a enjoyable evening under the stars listening to good music, check out Moultonís Band. 



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